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Blaze Brighter


Fulbright scholar. U.S. senator. Chief diversity officer for GE. U.S. Army colonel. National Merit scholar. State basketball champs (twice in three years).

Ursuline girls blaze their own trails.

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  • Loves making her own books and illustrations. Puts her own spin on Little Red Riding Hood.


5th grade

  • Future chemist.
  • Inspired by Vincent Van Gogh.
  • Built a prosthetic prototype for children with cerebral palsy.


5th grade

  • Future doctor.
  • Envisioned her build-a-city project as a nacho building dripping with cheese.
  • Built a Valentine's Day website for her parents with a QR-coded card that streamed "love."


12th Grade

  • Speaks three languages.
  • Archdiocesan Student of the Year.
  • National Merit Finalist.
  • Bound for Williams College.


7th grade

  • Researching neuro diseases in sheep.
  • Nurtures her love for animals working at Audubon Zoo.
  • Created a business plan for a non-palm oil candy shop to curb the clear-cutting of elephants' natural habitats.



  • Wants to be a veterinarian.
  • Or open a hair salon with her best friend.



  • Wants to be a nurse. But likes writing stories about witches and ghosts.


9th grade

  • Plays viola in Ursuline's orchestra.
  • Can program a traffic light to change on command.
  • Volunteers as a patient escort at Ochsner Health Center.


12th grade

  • State trigonometry competitor.
  • Performed in NOCCA's musicals—starting in middle school.
  • Starred as Ruby in the National WWII Museum's production of "Dames at Sea."


9th grade

  • Basketball state champ and pianist.
  • Turned her short story into a chapter book: 89 pages and counting.
  • Loves being part of a big, unique sisterhood.


3rd grade

  • Delivered class speech on the Civil Rights Act.
  • Conducts experiments tracking changes in weather.
  • Mastering her violin bow technique for orchestra concerts.


4th grade

  • Loves drawing and painting because it "lets her mind run wild."
  • Designed a "100 things in space" shirt as her art project.
  • Codes games and short stories—one featuring a lost dog, wizard and dragon—with Hopscotch, Scratch and ScratchJr.


3rd grade

  • Believes math drives everything.
  • Training to ace multiplication so that her brain works faster across all subjects.
  • Draws people wearing her own fashion designs.


11th grade

  • Robotics, math and music virtuoso.
  • Training to become the grand prize winner in Ursuline's citywide Bach Piano Concert.
  • Loves how Ursuline's Rally spirit competition brings people together.


7th grade

  • Starred as the comic relief in the spring musical Mary Poppins.
  • Led team in state robotics competition for automating a VEX V5 robot.
  • Loves helping other girls conquer math.


3rd grade

  • Co-founded Ursuline's book-writing club with her friend.
  • Loves research—and unearthing facts most people don't know.
  • Finding her voice by writing a children's book on how emojis ruined phones.



  • Wants to be a kind, honest person—and a rock star.
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