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Flex Your Brain

How We Learn

At Ursuline, STEM and arts power your world. Be a robotics champ and a portraitist, a math star and a poet, a linguist and an entrepreneur. We don’t put limits on what you can achieve.

Our early childhood program, inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy, places curiosity at the center as students investigate the world around them. Project-based-learning continues through high school with interactive experiences challenging girls to expand what they’re capable of — across STEM and the arts.

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Add it up

  • Use hands-on counting challenges to lay the cornerstone for solving equations.

Game of life

  • Reengineer a popular board game with easy-grip pieces and high-contrast graphics for nursing home residents.

Walk the dog

  • Program in Scratch to teach a cyber pet new tricks like navigating an obstacle course.

Virtual world

  • Experience virtual reality to examine world geography—everything from national identity in Africa to trade subregions in North America.

Under the skin

  • Capture your beneath-the-surface essence using a painting style that's all your own.

By the book

  • Plot the story arc and illustrate key concepts to create your potential bestseller.

Forward thinking

  • Imagine a future that merges all your favorite roles: artist, scientist, surfer!

Like oil and water

  • Explore intermolecular force and density, two chemistry principles that determine why oil spills float atop the ocean.

Butterflies are free

  • Bring your artistic vision to the study of the insect world.

Space race

  • Develop spatial reasoning by merging color-recognition and construction skills.

Pet project

  • Unleash your entrepreneurial spirit as you pitch inventions like doggie bath bombs to Ursuline's "Shark Tank" panel.

Through the lens

  • Shoot photos in the style of America's first female photographer: Mother Croix, a trailblazing Ursuline sister.

In bloom

  • Mold lifelike flowers—from petals to pistils—in a project where sculpture and science intersect.

Music to your ears

  • Follow in the footsteps of composers from Clara Schumann to Esperanza Spalding by writing your own songs.

Sure shot

  • Construct a marshmallow-launching cannon by combining the principles of simple machines.

Portrait of a lady

  • Picture yourself across multiple mediums—from photograph to contour drawing to painting.

Museum worthy

  • Paint Frida Kahlo-inspired self-portraits to learn about technique, history and identity.

The numbers game

  • Complete numeric sequences to learn the foundations of Base 10 math.

Bowled Over

  • Develop motor skills and artistic vision simultaneously by forming and painting your own dishes.

3D visions

  • Make your ideas real—and master engineering concepts—by prototyping them on a 3-D printer.

Sight seeing

  • Dig deep to learn new sight words in an exercise mixing memory and the senses.

Natural wonder

  • Investigate nature's textures, structures and interrelationships to understand the world around you.


  • Build robots that can tackle everyday challenges like picking up an apple or seeing around a corner.
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